Disk Space Allotment and Overages

Each hosting plan is allocated a specific amount of disk space that it can use, depending on the plan type (Basic, Classic, Complete, etc.).  You can see the allotted disk space by visiting our hosting page, or check the stats on the left side of your cpanel.

Note that unlike bandwidth, once you run out of disk space, you WILL experience some issues.  Your website will still work, however, you may stop getting email.  That is because email files saved on the server count towards your allotted disk space.  If you run out of space, email can not write to your mail file, and it will bounce back to the sender. It is the responsibility of the account owner to monitor usage and avoid overages.  If the email contact in your cpanel is valid, you will get emailed notices when you are reaching your allotment levels.  (Changing your email in the client area does NOT change this notification email, you MUST change it from within your cpanel as well).

If you do exceed your disk space allotment, you must either clean off some files, or upgrade to a larger package.  We do not do ala cart disk space unless you require more than our largest package (Complete) provides.

More About Disk Space:
  • All files, including email, count towards your disk space quota.
  • This also includes website images.  Optimize your images for the web.  They should be no more than about 60KB per image. (That's even large).  Scarlet's Web offers a FREE image optimizer at http://scarletsweb.com/image-resizer.html
  • Documents downloadable by your clients (PDF, Word, etc.) - Make sure PDF files are optimized for the web. 
  • IMAP email - this is the BIGGEST contributor to disk space by far.  IMAP by default saves everything on the server.  Emails received, sent, trash, etc.  You will need to manually manage your mailbox and delete unneeded emails from the server to save disk space.  We recommend using POP3 instead of IMAP if you can.
  • POP3 - don't set your mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.) to save all mail on the server.  For POP3, we recommend saving maybe 14 days on the server so you do have a backup if you accidentally delete an email.

If you find you are reaching your disk space quota, you should upgrade to a more appropriate package. 

WORDPRESS USERS:  The Basic package is NOT recommended for Wordpress sites.  Please use the Classic package to avoid both bandwidth and storage space issues.
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