My server is down

Before you open a ticket or contact us, do the following to be sure it IS ours machine that is exhibiting the problem.

  • Does your IP (or temporary URL ) address work? If so, it's a DNS issue. Check to be sure your domain name isn't expired. You can do a whois lookup at If it's expired, renew it and it should start working again in 12-72 hours.
  • Do a trace route. From a DOS prompt in windows, type tracert and hit enter. You'll see a series of "hops" as the request passes from your computer to your domain. If you see stars and a "timed out" message, that's where the break is.
  • Go to and see if you can access your site from there. If so, it's possible that the firewall has blocked your IP for too many failed login attempts. Open a ticket and be sure you tell us what your IP address is. You can go to to find out.
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