Finding Your Email Client Configuration

Basic Configurations for All Clients

All email clients will need the same basic sets of information to connect to your server. Once you have collected the settings, you can set up most email clients using the information in Setting Up Your Desktop Email Client.


The username for the account is full email address, not just the part before the @. For example, would be the username for that account.Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server
The easiest choice for this is the server's hostname.  You can also use any domain on the server that has a DNS record that points at the correct mail server for your domain; for example,

Account Type

We recommend using IMAP protocol for your email client over POP3 protocol. IMAP is the newer protocol and provides more advantages than POP3 without the drawback of only being able to access your email from a single device like POP3 accounts.

For IMAP, use port 993 (see Encryption below).
For POP3, use port 995 (see Encryption below).

SMTP Setting
Use port 587 for the SMTP setting (see Encryption below).


SiteWorx requires you to use encrypted connections for both incoming and outgoing email (which may be why the ports listed above could be unfamiliar to you). When specifying the settings for the incoming and outgoing server, select the SSL/TLS encryption for incoming and STARTTLS for outgoing.

Now that you've collected all of the information you need, you can set up your email client. For more information, see Setting Up Your Desktop Email Client.

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