Setting up your email to work with your mail client

When you create a new mailbox, you are given the option to automatically configure your mail program to work with it.  If for some reason you choose not to do that, or need to re-set up your mail client, the information you need is found at the bottom of the mailbox page in your control panel.

In a nutshell, you need four peices of information:

user: (or
password: the password you chose when setting up your mailbox
incoming mail server:
outgoing mail server:

You need to select that your outgoing server requires authentication, and to use the same settings (login) as your incoming server.

Log into your cpanel, go to mail accounts, select the "more" dropdown next to your email account, and "configure mail client" to see your specific settings. We do not recommend using a secure mail connection, so refer to the instructions to the right.  Apple products set up email accounts to use a secure connection by default, you need to go into the advanced settings and turn it off.   If you feel you must use an SSL connection, you will need to use the server-wide SSL certificate.  This information can be found in your hosting welcome letter.


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