Bandwidth Allotment and Overages

Each hosting plan is allocated a specific amount of bandwidth that it can use per month, depending on the plan type (Basic, Classic, Complete, etc.).  You can see the allotted bandwidth by visiting our hosting page, or check the stats on the left side of your cpanel.

Note that unlike most hosting companies, we will not halt or block access to websites exceeding monthly bandwidth allotments. It is the responsibility of the account owner to monitor usage and avoid overage fees.  If the email contact in your cpanel is valid, you will get emailed notices when you are reaching your allotment levels.  (Changing your email in the client area does NOT change this notification email, you MUST change it from within your cpanel).

If you do exceed your monthly bandwidth allotment, you will be charged an additional fee of $1 per GB or partial GB of bandwidth overage.

More About Bandwidth:
  • Bandwidth is ALL traffic uploaded or downloaded from your account.  This includes email. 
  • This also includes website images.  Every time a visitor visits your website, the images are downloaded onto the page.  Optimize your images for the web.  They should be no more than about 60KB per image. (That's even large).  Scarlet's Web offers a FREE image optimizer at
  • Documents downloadable by your clients (PDF, Word, etc.) - Make sure PDF files are optimized for the web.  Many can be several Gigabites in size.  Every time the file is downloaded, it adds to your bandwidth.

If you find you are reaching your bandwidth allotment on a regular basis, and you don't want the uncertaintly of monthly invoices for overages, you should upgrade to a more appropriate package. 

WORDPRESS USERS:  The Basic package is NOT recommended for Wordpress sites.  Please use the Classic package to avoid both bandwidth and storage space issues.

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