Purchasing a Dedicated IP

To purchase a Dedicated IP, simply login to your client area and place a new order for a dedicated IP (Under Product Add-ons). DEDICATED IPs ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR BASIC HOSTING PLANS.

The reason you are charged is because we have to purchase the IP address. Leasing the IP addresses is done in batches to minimize costs. The cost of leasing a dedicated IP address is $24.00 / year, paid in advance.

Note: Because of the IP address change you may experience a period of about 6-24 hours where your site can appear to be non-functional. This is the standard propagation time that is required to update your DNS throughout the world. Please note, your Temporary URL will also be changed and will be unavailable while the Dedicated IP is installed on your account. This is normal and you will be able to view your site by visiting your site using your new Dedicated IP within 4-24 hours. 

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