How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

You earn 10% of the sales referred to Scarlet's Web over the life of the referred client's account. Future products the referred client may make do not apply. The referral must be made using your unique referral link found above. Commissions are held for 30 days, and then approved and deposited into your affiliate balance. Once your commissions reach $10, you may request a withdrawl by check (with a $ .50 processing fee deducted from your balance) or to your PayPal account or as a credit on your hosting account (for free). To request a withdrawl, log in to your client area, click on Affiliates, and then request your withdrawl. You may also requestyour commissions be credited to your own hosting account fees with no minimum balance needed.

To sign up as an affiliate, simply log into your client area at and click Affiliates.
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