How do I install my own SSL certificate (

Please follow these steps to install an SSL cert on your domain.

You will need a dedicated IP address.  If your hosting package does not include one, please log into the client area and upgrade to a hosting package that does first.

1. Order and purchase your SSL Certificate in the client area.

2. Log into your hosting control panel.

3. Set up an email address or forward for  You will need to be able to receive email at this address.

4. Go to the SSL/TLS Manager area under the Security group.

5. Go to Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.  At the bottom of this page, under "Generate New Key" select your domain (we usually recommend to use www. in the prefix box so your cert will work with or without the www.).  Submit.  Return to SSL Manager.

6.  Go to Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests. Select your domain name, fill out the form to generate your CSR.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to select 2048 under key size, not the default 1024, or your CSR will not work.  We normally use "Secure Services" for the department.  Select for the email address.  Highlight and copy the CSR in the first box.  Return to the SSL Manager.

7. You should have received an email from by now with instructions on completing the order process.  You will need to visit the URL in that email.  Select Cpanel/WHM for the server type, paste your CSR where indicated, and complete the form.  For Job Title you may put "Webmaster" and for the email address, use the you set up earlier.  Once you submit this form, at the bottom, select the admin@ email address as the approver email address, and click continue.

8.  You will get an email from RapidSSL with a URL to visit to approve the order.  Please do so.

9.  Once approved, in a few minutes you will recieve an email from RapidSSL with your certificate.  Copy and paste this back into your SSL Manager in the Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates section.  Return to the SSL Manager.

10.  Go to Setup a SSL certificate to work with your site.  Select the same domain in the drop down box.  This should now automatically populate the three boxes below it.  If it does not, try simply clicking inside the first box.  Sometimes this jogs the system a bit.

11.  Click Install Certificate at the bottom.  Once complete, you should see a message that the certificate is now installed.

If you have any problems or questions about this process, feel free to open a help desk ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

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