.net price increase

Verisign will be increasing the .net pricing as of Feb 1st 2018.

To facilitate the increase, we will be raising the pricing of registration, renewal, transfer and restoration by $1.00 per year.

25th Jan 2018
Bigger and Better Changes

You may have noticed, we have once again upgraded ALL of our packages.  Some have more disk space, some have more bandwidth, some have BOTH.  However, our prices have NOT increased!

3rd Apr 2017
.biz price increase

The price to register, renew, and transfer .biz domain names is increasing by $2.  As usual, we are only passing along our price increase.  It's that time of year - many TLDs will be increasing.

1st Feb 2017
.net price increase

Not surprisingly, Verisign has announced .net domain pricing is going up as of February 1, 2017.  Effective that date, all registrations, renewals, and transfers will increase by $1.

16th Jan 2017