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Global Attack on WordPress Installations

There is an on-going, widely distributed attack on WordPress installations hosted with almost every web hosting company. This attack is very widespread, with over 90,000 IP addresses involved.If you are using WordPress, We highly recommend you make sure your password is secure, and not easy to guess - upper and lowercase letters, at least eight characters long, and including “special” characters (^%$#&@*). Be sure your software is up to date (including plugins). When you log into your admin, if any updates are available, you will see a little number on the left menu under updates.The main force of this attack began last week and has picked back up again yesterday morning. No one knows when it will end. The symptoms of this attack are a very slow backend on your WordPress site, or an inability to log in. In some instances your site could even intermittently go down for short periods.We have taken steps to mitigate this attack, but there is only so much that can actually be done. We hope this attack ends soon, but it serves as a reminder that everyone needs to take account security seriously.

We Do WordPress Sites

Did you know that Scarlet's Web is an expert in WordPress sites? We have been working with WordPress for 7 years,and have even written some custom plugins for our clients. With more and more clients wanting Content Management Systems for their websites so that they can manage their own content, we decided to create a hosting package that includes WordPress, our list of 30+ must-have plugins.  We are also offering the theme of your choice from or at no charge!  * If you were waiting to get a website until it was "easy", there has never been a better or more affordable time.  We can, for a fee, also put it all together for you so all you have to do is update your site.  Using our video tutorials, it's easier than chewing gum. Wait, just to sweeten the pot, until Labor Day we'll even throw in a 10% discount on the hosting package!  Just use coupon code WPdisc10 at sign up. Get started   * applies to themes included in the membership package, not to any additionally priced themes from the marketplace.


How would you feel if the web stopped being so free and independent?  Two bills up for vote threaten to do this.  Read about it.

New Feature for Hosting Clients

We are pleased to announce that we have added Softaculous to our hosting accounts.  This REPLACES the Fantastico and Site Software features.  It is an auto-install program that can install over 175 scripts right from your control panel.  In addition, you can read about the programs and try a demo before you decide to install. If you had existing scripts installed through Fantastico, they have been imported into Softaculous, and can be found there for upgrades, etc. Please take a look at the Softaculous button in your control panel and let us know if you have any questions via our help desk.

Script Security and Your Role in Keeping Your Site Safe

Most people think once they pay to have a script installed, that's it.  Not true.  I can't stress how important it is to keep your scripts up to date.  Good programs are like a living document - they are constantly being updated to new versions.  Many updates add new features or improve on old ones.  But one of the main reasons for a version update is for security patches.  Even a secure script today won't be secure six months from now - as server software evolves and is upgraded, it can open new security holes in previously secure software. So, as a website owner, it is your responsibility to keep your scripts up to date.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard that someone's site was hacked, or completely wiped, only to find later that they had OLD software that hadn't been updated in years!  So don't ignore (as so many do), the little upgrade notices that might appear when you log into your script's back end.  And check every now and then with the writers of scripts that don't have that notification feature. Right now, the reason I am posting this is because I got the following message from the WordPress Mailing List.  It's important enough to pass along to you.  With the growing popularity of WordPress for use as a CMS system, we have many, many clients using it, and very few updating it on their own.  Updating is as easy ...

New Year, New Do!

It's a new year.  You've mad your resolutions.  Some you will follow for a while, some for a day.  But one resolution many businesses bypass is giving their website a face lift.Why is this important?  Because your clients always want fresh content and new information.  Do you use Facebook?  How often do you open the site just to see what your friends have posted?  If you're like most people, a few times a day.  We're in the age of instant updates, instant UP TO DATE information.This year, think about ways to increase your customer base and traffic.  We have three great ways to do this:Create a Facebook page for your business.  Offer incentives for people to become fans.  Make product and service announcements on your page regularly.Tweet.  Yes, get a twitter account, and start tweeting.  Use it like Facebook - keep your clients up to date and offer discounts or coupons only found there.Create a blog and start blogging.  Chat about your products, services, offer advice, anything to keep in touch with your clients.This is the best time to start doing all of these things.  The holiday rush is past, and the dog days of winter are upon us.  We can get you set up and going with all three of the above recommendations.  We can tie them in with your existing site.  We can also give you a FREE mini-analysis of your website and suggestions on how to improve it.  Contact us ...

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