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ICANN Raising Pricing for .net

As much as we hate to admit it, the days of $1.99 domains are gone.  ICANN has announced that as of Feb. 1, 2014, they are raising their pricing on .net TLDs by $0.56.  Because we like nice, round numbers, we are only going to pass along $0.50 of that increase to our clients. 

ICANN Raising Prices Again

Unfortunately, we have received word that ICANN is raising domain registration rates again.  We try to absorb as many of these rate changes as possible, however, this one will be affecting our pricing structure as follows: .com and .net registrations/renewals will now be $13.50/year (a $0.50 increase) .org registrations/renewals will now be $14/year (a $0.50 increase) .info registrations/renewals will now be $13.00/year (a $0.50 increase) .biz registrations/renewal will now be $13.25/year (a $0.75 increase) Our increases are actually higher, and we are not passing the entire cost on to our clients.

Why Have Your Domain Registered With Scarlet’s Web?

If your domain name is registered with another providor, you may be paying too much! Domain names start at just $12.50 per year and Scarlet's Web LLC offers FREE with every domain name: Private Registration - keep your name, address, phone number, and email private.  Other providors charge up to $15 per year extra for this! DNS Management - Our hosting clients already have advanced DNS management available through their hosting account, but if you don't host with us, you can add this to your domain registration services for FREE! Easy WHOIS Management- keep your contact info up to date with our easy to use client interface. Worry Free Renewals - Don't let your domain expire and your website go down - auto-renew and forget about it! Transferring your domain name is easy!  Simply visit to start your transfer today!  Questions?  Feel free to contact us at (or open a ticket from your client area if you already have an account). Transfers act as a 1 year renewal.  Domains can not be transferred the first 60 days after a previous renewal, or if they are expired.

My Hosting Company Is Down – Or Is It?

If we had a dime for every hosting client who called to complain that "we took their site down"! Hosting companies take a site down for two reasons. You didn't pay your bill. Any good hosting company has some type of client area where you can view invoices, see when things are due to renew, manage your account, and most likely put a credit card on file.  Make sure your email address is current, and you update any card on file.  Invoices will usually be emailed to the address on the account.  Check your trash or spam folder if you didn't get any. Your site is offensive, or infringes on someone's copyright. Hosts don't want to get involved in any legal proceedings that may arise from accusations of copyright infringement.  When someone contacts a host, they most likely will suspend or remove the site pending an investigation.  Don't steal someone else's work. Barring the above, the most likely reason your site went offline is because YOUR DOMAIN NAME EXPIRED. "But I never got any renewal notices!".  Are you SURE?  Renewal notices will go to the admin email contact on the domain name whois.  Many people claim they never got the notices, only to find that the email address is "WAY old, Man, I haven't used that one in years!"  Make sure you keep your domain name whois information up to date at all times.  Once the domain expires and goes offline, even once you renew it, it can take ...

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