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Exciting Changes Coming!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted news, and that’s because we’ve been busy!  We have some exciting changes coming up that we think you will be very happy with.

First, we are provisioning a new server to replace machine rona.  As technology evolves, the need for memory, space, and software upgrades reaches a point where it’s best to start out with new, top of the line, and that’s what we’re doing.  We are doubling memory, space, and speed, as well as adding off-site ongoing backups.  That means that if there is a catostrophic event (either due to our hardware, or due to yours), we’ll have a full, recent backup of your site that can be restored.

The better machine also means that we will be revamping our packages to offer more space and bandwidth, as well as some other new features.  These changes will be detailed at a later date.

We have also been working on a redesign of to make managing your account, getting help, and paying your bills easier.  Look for that to launch in the coming weeks.

So, as we grow and evolve to make your hosting experience better, please pardon any dust you might see.  There should not be any downtime associated with the new server, and the current IP addresses will be ported, so no DNS changes should be required.  But if you do see something that isn’t right, please let us know so we can take care of it by opening a ticket at our help desk.

As always, we love having you as part of our hosted family!  Thank you for your business!


Not Happy With Your Web Host?

We see clients come from all corners of the hosted globe.  From small companies and from large (“big-box”) well-known companies.  Here’s what you need to know about your web host.

  1. All hosting software is pretty much the same.  You have Windows platform servers and you have Unix platform servers.  Windows will be more expensive with less flexibility.  Unix will be cheaper and you can do more yourself.
  2. Large hosting companies can offer super cheap hosting prices because they put up to 3,000 accounts on one machine.  If one of those accounts has a programming error or is hacked, it impacts all the rest of the accounts negatively.  Your site could go down because of someone else’s site!  We never put more than 300 accounts on any one server.
  3. Small hosting companies may not be able to compete with the big ones, however, their customer support is generally going to be more personal.  Big companies usually don’t support any web components they didn’t sell you, or help with basics (like why did my email suddenly not work, or my page is messed up).  That’s up to you to pay a designer or IT person to do.  We support ALL our clients personally as if they were family.
  4. There is no such thing as truly unlimited anything!  Read the TOS.  They may say you have unlimited bandwidth, but if your usage is impacting the server resources, you are in violation of their TOS and can be terminated without notice.  They can offer these unlimited features because they know 99.9% of accounts never come remotely close.  We give you ample space and resources with every one of our packages!

Are you stuck with a web host that you are not happy with?  It’s time to move.  We can help you move your website, files, domain, anything you need to us free of charge!  Why not contact us today?

ICANN Raising Pricing for .net

As much as we hate to admit it, the days of $1.99 domains are gone.  ICANN has announced that as of Feb. 1, 2014, they are raising their pricing on .net TLDs by $0.56.  Because we like nice, round numbers, we are only going to pass along $0.50 of that increase to our clients. 

ICANN Raising Prices Again

Unfortunately, we have received word that ICANN is raising domain registration rates again.  We try to absorb as many of these rate changes as possible, however, this one will be affecting our pricing structure as follows:

  • .com and .net registrations/renewals will now be $13.50/year (a $0.50 increase)
  • .org registrations/renewals will now be $14/year (a $0.50 increase)
  • .info registrations/renewals will now be $13.00/year (a $0.50 increase)
  • .biz registrations/renewal will now be $13.25/year (a $0.75 increase)

Our increases are actually higher, and we are not passing the entire cost on to our clients.

Dedicated IP Pricing Change

Unfortunately, due to the increased scarcity of IPv4 addresses, our cost for dedicated IPs is being increased to $5/mo (from $  We have no control over this cost increase, and we do not mark up our cost in any way.  Our dedicated IP packages have been changed to reflect this price increase.  This does NOT affect any current clients.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We strive to provide the best hosting services and features at the lowest price, and are committed to making sure all of our clients’ hosting needs are being fulfilled.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Global Attack on WordPress Installations

There is an on-going, widely distributed attack on WordPress installations hosted with almost every web hosting company. This attack is very widespread, with over 90,000 IP addresses involved.

If you are using WordPress, We highly recommend you make sure your password is secure, and not easy to guess – upper and lowercase letters, at least eight characters long, and including “special” characters (^%$#&@*). Be sure your software is up to date (including plugins). When you log into your admin, if any updates are available, you will see a little number on the left menu under updates.

The main force of this attack began last week and has picked back up again yesterday morning. No one knows when it will end. The symptoms of this attack are a very slow backend on your WordPress site, or an inability to log in. In some instances your site could even intermittently go down for short periods.

We have taken steps to mitigate this attack, but there is only so much that can actually be done. We hope this attack ends soon, but it serves as a reminder that everyone needs to take account security seriously.